Results of 2nd ÜÇGE International Cartoon Contest

2nd ÜÇGE International Cartoon ContestÜÇGE 2nd International Cartoon Contest

The UCGE International Cartoon Contest which is moderated by Anatolian Cartoonists Association organised by UCGE and whose main idea is “Shopping is Life” has been finalised after the Grand jury meeting on 28th July. There were members from Anatolian Cartoonists Association, UCGE Company and representatives from Retail Bussinesses in which 289 cartoonists were competing with their 707 cartoons from 52 countries.

    Grand Jury Members:

  1. Ahmet Aykanat (Head of Jury / Cartoonist)
  2. Mehmet Kahraman (Cartoonist)
  3. Cüneyt Şenyavaş (Cartoonist)
  4. Kürşat Zaman (Cartoonist)
  5. Raşit Ertunç (Cartoonist)
  6. Turgut Demir (Cartoonist)
  7. Özgür Aras (ÜÇGE Representative)
  8. Esra Güven Altınkaya (ÜÇGE Representative)
  9. Sabri Erdem (Representative from the Retail Bussiness)

The Award Ceremony will be held during September 2012 and the exhibition from finalists will be displayed in different parts of the country by the time the albume will be distrubuted.
Here are the latest results of the contest after the jury voting;

1st Prize: Pavel Matuşka (Czech Republic)
2nd Prize: Viladimir Kazanevsky (Ukraine)
3rd Prize: Nikola Listeš (Croatia)
Mentions: Hamza Akın (Turkey)
Mentions: Milenko Kosanović (Serbia)
Mentions: Muammer Kotbaş (Turkey)

Anatolian Cartoonists Association Special Award: Hicabi Demirci (Turkey)

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